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Strategic Growth & Social Impact

About TVP Family Office

Smart Investing

TVP FAMILY Office was established in 2015 as a single-family office dedicated to exclusively and professionally managing the interests, investments, and assets of Romanian entrepreneur Octavian Patrascu and his family.

Our team consists of seasoned experts who handle day-to-day operations and actively participate in strategic data-driven investments in Real Estate, Tech Start-ups, and Green Energy.

While the returns are the primary focus, we maintain our commitment to making a positive impact in society.

Our Mission Statement

“By using technology and data-driven insights in our investments, we prioritize consistent growth, focusing on sectors with high potential for sustainable returns.”

Octavian Patrascu

Founder & CEO

The Team

Knowledge Drives Success

Our team consists of experienced professionals, each selected for their ability to navigate the investment landscape while efficiently managing daily operations and assets.

Octavian Patrascu

Founder & Managing Partner

Ricardo Cravo

Chief Executive Officer

Alexandru Cretu

Chief Financial Officer

Mihaela Dumitru

Head of Legal

Corporate Social Responsibility

For a better tomorrow

We believe that business has a responsibility to contribute to the greater good of society. At the heart of our operations lie strong ESG principles, as our ventures into green energy emphasize this dedication.

Through such endeavors, we are determined to create a lasting positive impact in the communities we serve.