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About TVP Family Office

Commitment to Long-Term Success

Established in 2015 by the Romanian entrepreneur Octavian Patrascu, TVP Family Office serves as a dedicated entity to manage his interests, assets, and investments exclusively and professionally.

Our team consists of experienced professionals, each selected for their ability to navigate the investment landscape, spanning various sectors, while efficiently managing daily operations but also proactively pursuing strategic data-driven investments.

We diversify our investments across three core areas: Real Estate, Tech Start-ups, and Green Energy, ensuring a balanced and progressive portfolio. While the returns are the primary focus, we maintain our commitment to making a positive impact in society.

Additionally, in partnership with other family offices, we co-invest, scaling ventures with high potential.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Pledge for a Brighter Tomorrow

Partnering for community health
and well-being.

At TVP Family office, we recognize our responsibility to both the environment and society.

We believe in giving back. Partnering with local hospitals, associations and non-profit organizations is part of how we engage with our community. Through donations of medical equipment and backing health projects, we aim to make a positive impact of the lives of those around us.

Beyond our local commitments, we stretch our hands globally, particularly towards children in need. Whether it’s providing food, education, or proper healthcare, we try our best to contribute hoping for a brighter future for all.