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Investing in Clean Energy and Sustainability

At TVP Family Office, we understand the growing significance of the green energy sector in today’s business landscape. Driven by the global shift towards sustainable solutions, we align our investments with projects that leverage the vast potential of renewable technologies, ensuring both positive environmental impact and robust financial returns. 

We are making concerted efforts to minimize our carbon footprint by investing in high-efficiency systems, optimizing energy use, and continuously exploring technological advancements in clean energy. 

Sustainability is at the core of our business operations. We are actively working towards minimizing waste, conserving resources, and implementing circular economy principles wherever possible. Our goal is to create a business model that not only ensures economic growth but also contributes meaningfully to environmental protection. 

Our Green Energy Project

Premium Green Energy

Premium Green Energy initiated its operations with the acquisition of land in 2021, marking the first step in photovoltaic (PV) energy production. This initiative, which includes several PV parks, aims to implement low-carbon energy production solutions and minimize environmental impact.

Reducing carbon footprint Year by Year 
  • Location: Titu City, Dâmbovița County
  • Installed power (DC): 29.83 MWp
  • Rated power (AC): 24.96 MW
  • Land: 35.7 Ha