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Innovating for a Better Tomorrow

Our Family Office recognizes the importance of technology in the evolving landscape of business and society. Leading our vision is the founder of TVP, Octavian Patrascu. He brings over a decade of experience having elevated fintech companies to global stages. Octavian’s achievements include three significant exits:,, and Vector Watch.

We hold a keen interest for fintech start-ups and promising sectors like AI. When choosing to invest, we look closely at the people behind the ideas, valuing their dedication and vision. Understanding the challenges of building successful startups, we ensure that these talented entrepreneurs can benefit from our vast experience and dedicated mentoring.

As we actively seek and invest in revolutionary tech start-ups, our portfolio is diverse, spanning fintech healthcare e-commerce and artificial intelligence sectors.

With each investment, our focus is on earning returns and positively impacting the community.

Our Tech Investment Portfolio


Cogito combines Emotion and Conversation AI into an innovative platform that provides real-time coaching and guidance to contact center agents.


Industry-leading Vision and Audio Recognition technology to identify and track in-stream brand placements and verbal brand mentions.


Beez creates healthy financial habits based on the principle “save more for tomorrow” and integrates a gamification experience.


MoonPay is a financial technology company that builds payments infrastructure for crypto.

Vector Watch

Vector Watch’s vision is to change the way people use smart watches and wearable technologies.


Games designed and developed by some of the most experienced professionals in the industry

Sparking Capital

Sparking Capital is a Business Angel, investing in early-stage startups. It focuses on pre-seed and seed investments to empower businesses.



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